Cobra Ultimate Motorcycle USB Charging System

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  6 ft 6 inch total length to reach anywhere on your motorcycle

  Easily mounts directly on all 7/8 inch, 1 inch, and 1.25 inch handle bars with adjustable mount

  Charges all mobile electronic devices and equipment, including iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, iPods, iPads, MP3 Players, Kindles, Nooks, Tablets, and more!

  Includes EZ jump start battery harness that allows you to jump start your vehicle simply by plugging in from harness to harness with the EKLIPES Bike-To-Bike Jump-Start kits (EK1-115/EK1-125)

  Waterproof caps to protect from rain and dust


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The EKLIPES™ Cobra Ultimate Cell Phone Charging System for Motorcycles has a 12 Volt Power Socket, an On / Off Switch, LED indicator light and a USB Port that will charge all Mobile devices and Equipment including iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, iPods, iPads, MP3 Players, e-Books, and so much more!

Includes: Adjustable Steel Mount and Mount Insert Rings that Fits ALL 7/8 Inch (22 mm), 1 Inch (25 mm) & 1.25 Inch (32 mm) Handle Bars, complete with locking mechanism, leaving you with the secure feeling, knowing thieves can't steal your Cobra Unit off your bike!

Also includes: EZ Jump-Start 2 Foot (61 cm) Battery Harness with 15 Amp Fuse Link, waterproof caps, SAE Quick Connector that works on all conventional Battery Trickle Chargers, and 12 Gauge Jump Start Plug compatible with EK1-125 EKLIPES Bike-2-Bike Jr. Plug-In Battery Jumping Kit.




•   Phone / Device Charging Unit

•   1 ¼ Inch Adjustable Handlebar Mount

•   1 Inch Mount Insert Ring

•   7/8 Inch Mount Insert Ring

•   EZ Jump-start 12 Volt Battery Harness

Product Specs
Part Number EK1-110 (chrome) / EK1-110B (black)
Product Category Multi-Port Adapter
Color Chrome or Black
Product Length 72"
Product Width 3"
Product Height 2"
Product Weight 11 oz.
Input / Output Power
Power Socket 12 Volts DC / 12 Volts DC
USB Port 12 Volts DC / 5.2 Volts ~ 2.7 Amps
Product Features
Power Socket Yes
USB Port Yes
On / Off Switch Yes
LED Light Yes
Waterproof Caps Yes
Jump-Start Capable Battery Harness Included Yes
Fuse Link Yes (15 Amps)
Mount Included Yes
Mounting Type Mount Adjusts to Fit ALL 1 1/4 Inch, 1 Inch, and 7/8 Inch exposed round Handle Bars
Alligator Battery Terminal Clamps Included No
Bike-2-Bike Jumper Cable Included No
Compatible Products
EK1-115 EKLIPES™ Bike-2-Bike Universal Battery Jumping Kit Yes
EK1-153 EKLIPES™ 2000 Amp EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness Yes
EK1-122 EKLIPES™ Automotive / Motorcycle Multi-Port Adapter Yes
EK1-139 EKLIPES™ Motorcycle / Automotive Battery / Stater Tester Yes

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