Chrome Viper and Handlebar Mount Bundle Pack

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This Bundle Pack includes EK1-109 Chrome Viper Charging System and EK1-161 Adjustable Dual Ring Handlebar Mount

Chrome Viper 12 Volt Power Socket for Motorcycles is ready to go and completely compatible with most 12 Volt Battery Chargers, Cellphone Chargers, Radar Detectors, GPS, Air Pumps, Compatible Heated Clothing and Motorcycle Battery Chargers.
Includes: Chrome 12 Volt Power Socket with a 4 Ft wire length and SAE Dual Pin Quick Connector that plugs into EK1-153 EKLIPES EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness.
Also Includes: EZ Jump-Start 2 Ft Battery Harness with 15 Amp Fuse Link, waterproof caps, SAE Quick Connector that works on all conventional Battery Chargers, and 12 Gauge Jump Start Plug compatible with EK1-125 Bike-2-Bike Jr. EZ Jump-Start Kit.
EKLIPES Chrome Adjustable Dual Ring Handlebar Mount is perfect for mounting EK1-109 Chrome Viper Power directly onto your Motorcycle Handle Bars.
Includes: Dual Ring Mount has a 1 Inch diameter Adjustable Ring on one side that fits all Industry-standard 1 Inch 12V Power Sockets, and an Adjustable Ring on the other side and includes Insert Rings to give you a perfect, easy fit on ALL 7/8 Inch, 1 Inch, and 1 ¼ Inch Handle Bars no matter what size you have!


Note: The EK1-153 2000 Amp EZ Jump-Start 2 Ft Battery Harness in this package is also compatible with our EK1-115 EKLIPES™ Bike-2-Bike Plug-In Universal Battery Jumping Kit. See EK1-115 on the Products Page.



Package Contents

•  Chrome Power Socket

  1 ¼ Inch Chrome Steel Handle Bar Mount

  1 Inch Chrome Insert Ring

  7/8 Inch Chrome Insert Ring

•  2000 Amp EZ Jump-start 12 Volt Battery Harness

Product Specs
Part Number EKP-109
Product Category Power Socket
Color Chrome
Product Length 66"
Product Width 1"
Product Height 1"
Product Weight 10 oz.
Input / Output Power
Power Socket 12 Volts DC / 12 Volts DC
USB Port N/A
Product Features
Power Socket Yes
USB Port
On / Off Switch
LED Light
Waterproof Caps Yes
Jump-Start Capable Battery Harness Included Yes
Fuse Link Yes (15 Amps)
Mount Included
Mounting Type N/A
Alligator Battery Terminal Clamps Included
Bike-2-Bike Jumper Cable Included
Compatible Products
EK1-108 EKLIPES™ Black Viper Power Socket
EK1-109 EKLIPES™ Chrome Viper Power Socket
EK1-110 EKLIPES™ Chrome Cobra Charging System
EK1-110B EKLIPES™ Black Cobra Charging System
EK1-110BC EKLIPES™ Black Classic Cobra Charging System
EK1-214 EKLIPES™ Silver Tank Bag / Saddle Bag Charging Station
EK1-214B EKLIPES™ Black Tank Bag / Saddle Bag Charging Station
EK1-115 EKLIPES™ Bike-2-Bike Universal Battery Jumping Kit Yes
EK1-153 EKLIPES™ 2000 Amp EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness Yes
EK1-160 EKLIPES™ Chrome Power Socket Triple Tree Riser Mount Yes
EK1-161 EKLIPES™ Chrome Power Socket Adjustable Dual Ring Mount Yes
EK1-161B EKLIPES™ Black Power Socket Adjustable Dual Ring Mount Yes
EK1-162 Chrome Kruzer Kaddy / Kustom Kaddy Power Socket Mount Yes
EK1-122 EKLIPES™ Automotive / Motorcycle Multi-Port Adapter Yes
EK1-139 EKLIPES™ Motorcycle / Automotive Battery / Stater Tester Yes

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