Manufacturer's Warranty Information

Brookshire Innovations, LLC.
Full 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
EKLIPES™ Products

What is Covered:

This warranty covers any defects or damages due to wear and use in any EKLIPES™ products with the exceptions stated below.

How Long Coverage Lasts:

This warranty runs for three years, starting from the date your EKLIPES™ product is purchased.

What is not covered:

This warranty does not cover damages due to improper installation or modifications to the product itself.  (For more information on how to download Installation & User Instruction Manuals,
please visit: Downloads)

What Brookshire Innovations, LLC. Will Do:

Brookshire Innovations, LLC. will replace your damaged or defective EKLIPES™ Product and/or parts at no cost to you, the customer.

How To Get Service:

Contact the EKLIPES™ Customer Service Dept. at (916) 786-7601 or email
Operating Hours are Monday-Friday between 8AM-6PM (Standard Pacific Time)
Or visit: Contact Us and fill out the Contact Form.  A Customer Service representative will process your warranty claim.

Brookshire Innovations, LLC.
Manufacturer of EKLIPES™ Products
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