Black Viper Adjustable Dual Ring Handle Bar Mount

Product Code: EK1-161B
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Our New EK1-161B EKLIPES™ Black Viper Solid Steel Adjustable Dual Ring Handle Bar Mount is perfect for mounting our EKLIPES™ Black Viper Power Socket (EK1-108) and Chrome Viper Power Socket (EK1-109) directly onto your Motorcycle Handle Bars. This Mount is the first of its kind with an Adjustable Dual Ring Easy Handle Bar Mounting system for a perfect, easy fit on ALL 7/8 Inch, 1 Inch, and 1 ¼ Inch Handle Bars as seen in the Picture above.

This Dual Ring Mount has a 1 Inch diameter adjustable ring on one side that fits all Industry-standard 1 Inch 12 Volt Power Sockets, and a 1 ¼ Inch diameter adjustable ring on the other side and includes 1 Inch and 7/8 Inch adjustable inserts to give you a perfect fit no matter what size Handle Bars you have!



Package Contents

•  1 ¼ Inch Black Handle Bar Mount

•  1 Inch Black Insert Ring

•  7/8 Inch Black Insert Ring

Product Specs
Part Number EK1-161B
Product Category Mount
Color Black
Product Length 2.5"
Product Width 2"
Product Height 1.5"
Product Weight 3 oz.
Input / Output Power
Power Socket N/A
USB Port N/A
Product Features
Power Socket
USB Port
On / Off Switch
LED Light
Waterproof Caps
Jump-Start Capable Battery Harness Included
Fuse Link
Mount Included Yes
Mounting Type Mount Adjusts to Fit ALL 1 1/4 Inch, 1 Inch, and 7/8 Inch exposed round Handle Bars
Alligator Battery Terminal Clamps Included
Bike-2-Bike Jumper Cable Included
Compatible Products
EK1-108 EKLIPES™ Black Viper Power Socket Yes
EK1-109 EKLIPES™ Chrome Viper Power Socket Yes
EK1-110 EKLIPES™ Chrome Cobra Charging System
EK1-110B EKLIPES™ Black Cobra Charging System o
EK1-110BC EKLIPES™ Black Classic Cobra Charging System
EK1-214 EKLIPES™ Silver Tank Bag / Saddle Bag Charging Station
EK1-214B EKLIPES™ Black Tank Bag / Saddle Bag Charging Station
EK1-115 EKLIPES™ Bike-2-Bike Universal Battery Jumping Kit
EK1-153 EKLIPES™ 2000 Amp EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness
EK1-160 EKLIPES™ Chrome Power Socket Triple Tree Riser Mount
EK1-161 EKLIPES™ Chrome Power Socket Adjustable Dual Ring Mount
EK1-161B EKLIPES™ Black Power Socket Adjustable Dual Ring Mount
EK1-162 Chrome Kruzer Kaddy / Kustom Kaddy Power Socket Mount
EK1-122 EKLIPES™ Automotive / Motorcycle Multi-Port Adapter
EK1-139 EKLIPES™ Motorcycle / Automotive Battery / Stater Tester

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