Black Cobra & Bike-2-Bike Jr. EZ Plug-In Jump-Start Kit

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This Bundle Pack includes EK1-110B Black Cobra Ultimate Charging System and EK1-125 Bike-2-Bike Jr. EZ Jump Start-Kit.

EK1-110B Black Cobra Ultimate Cell Phone Charging System for Motorcycles has a 12 Volt Power Socket, an On / Off Switch, LED indicator light and a USB Port that will charge all Mobile devices and Equipment including iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, iPods, iPads, MP3 Players, e-Books, and so much more!

Includes Adjustable Black Steel Mount and Black Mount Insert Rings that Fits ALL 7/8 Inch, 1 Inch & 1 ¼ Inch Handle Bars, complete with locking mechanism, leaving you with the secure feeling, knowing thieves can't steal your Cobra Unit off your bike!

Also Includes EZ Jump-Start 2 Ft Battery Harness with 15 Amp Fuse Link, waterproof caps, SAE Quick Connector that works on all conventional Battery Chargers, and 12 Gauge Jump Start Plug compatible with EK1-125 Bike-2-Bike Jr. EZ Jump-Start Kit.

EK1-125 Bike-2-Bike Jr.EZ Jump-Start Kit is the perfect accessory item for EK1-110B!

Includes 6ft Bike-2-Bike Jump-Start Extension Cable with 2 Male DIMS BMW style Connectors that, for the first time ever, allows you to jump start one vehicle from another by simply plugging this cable directly into your EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness already included in your EK1-110B. (NO MORE ALLIGATOR CLIPS, NO MORE HASSLE!)

Also Includes 2ft Battery Terminal Alligator Clips with a Female DIMS BMW Plug (Just in-case the other vehicle does not have an EKLIPES EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness). Water-proof Caps included.

Package Contents:

        • Black Cobra Unit

        • 1 ¼ Inch Black Steel Handle Bar Mount

        • 1 Inch Black Insert Ring

        • 7/8 Inch Black Insert Ring

        • EZ Jump-start 12 Volt Battery Harness

        • Bike-2-Bike Extension Cable

        • Detachable Alligator Clips

Product Specs
Part Number EKP-110B
Color Black Unit, Black Mount, Black Insert Rings
Product Length 134"
Product Width 3"
Product Height 2"
Product Weight 22 oz.
Input / Output Power
Power Socket 12 Volts DC / 12 Volts DC
USB Port 12 Volts DC / 5.2 Volts ~ 2.7 Amps
Product Features
Power Socket Yes
USB Port Yes
On / Off Switch Yes
LED Light Yes
Waterproof Caps Yes
Jump-Start Capable Battery Harness Included Yes
Fuse Link Yes (15 Amps)
Mount Included Yes
Mounting Type Mount Adjusts to Fit ALL 1 1/4 Inch, 1 Inch, and 7/8 Inch exposed round Handle Bars
Alligator Battery Terminal Clamps Included Yes
Bike-2-Bike Jumper Cable Included Yes
Compatible Products
EK1-108 EKLIPES™ Black Viper Power Socket
EK1-109 EKLIPES™ Chrome Viper Power Socket Yes
EK1-110 EKLIPES™ Chrome Cobra Charging System Yes
EK1-110B EKLIPES™ Black Cobra Charging System Yes
EK1-110BC EKLIPES™ Black Classic Cobra Charging System Yes
EK1-214 EKLIPES™ Silver Tank Bag / Saddle Bag Charging Station Yes
EK1-214B EKLIPES™ Black Tank Bag / Saddle Bag Charging Station Yes
EK1-115 EKLIPES™ Bike-2-Bike Universal Battery Jumping Kit Yes
EK1-153 EKLIPES™ 2000 Amp EZ Jump-Start Battery Harness Yes
EK1-160 EKLIPES™ Chrome Power Socket Triple Tree Riser Mount
EK1-161 EKLIPES™ Chrome Power Socket Adjustable Dual Ring Mount
EK1-161B EKLIPES™ Black Power Socket Adjustable Dual Ring Mount
EK1-162 Chrome Kruzer Kaddy / Kustom Kaddy Power Socket Mount
EK1-122 EKLIPES™ Automotive / Motorcycle Multi-Port Adapter Yes
EK1-139 EKLIPES™ Motorcycle / Automotive Battery / Stater Tester Yes

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EK1-110(B)(BC) Installation & User Instruction Manual819.24KB Download
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